The Caroline EP

Mariana Bell — The Caroline EP
Release date : 2Jan3. ,

An acoustic journey through the life of a woman, from various perspectives of people in her life, this concept ep is a contemplation through song.

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Mariana Bell — Push
Release date : 2Jan0. ,

Mariana's catchy sophomore effort brings an organic, rocky feel to her soulful songs & lyrics & a voice that ranges from sweet & sad to bitingly truthful.

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Mariana Bell EP

Mariana Bell — Mariana Bell EP
Release date : 20Jun. ,

Somewhere between folk & rock, coffeehouse indie acoustic & catchy pop, the music of pensive romantic & witty social critic Mariana Bell is singular. Whether soft & sweet or hard & driving, her "soulful breed of song" & undeniable onstage appeal transcend

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Dream of Italy

Mariana Bell — Dream of Italy
Release date : 20Mar. ,

A voice that is clear as crystal, and thoughtful lyrics Mariana Bell sings and plays guitar with passion and grace; a true modern folksinger with pop sensibilities and enough sense to write songs that matter.

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